Sangho Suh

School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo

200 University Avenue

Waterloo, ON, Canada

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Waterloo, where I am advised by Edith Law.

With programming, data, and AI permeating every aspect of our lives and the tools we use, literacy in these fields is becoming a critical part of our training and education in the 21st century.

My research aims to support this need by augmenting our intelligence in areas such as learning, creativity, and sensemaking. I am particularly interested in creating new techniques, tools, and systems that leverage dynamic, layered representations and computational methods/AI.

During my Ph.D., I investigated this in the context of teaching programming, exploring how we can learn and make sense of abstract concepts, languages, and procedures in programming with comics. Specifically, I introduced a new concept called coding strip, a form of comic strips with corresponding code, and developed tools for designing, creating, and using coding strips—design methods, creativity support tools, and visual programming environment.

Research Interests:
Human-Computer/AI Interaction, Computing Education, Creativity Support, Concept-driven/Collaborative Storytelling, Creative Coding, Learning Analytics

I received B.S. in Computer Science from Korea University where I worked with Jaegul Choo to develop data mining algorithm and visual analytics for convolutional neural network.

For more details, check my resume here.

highlights [archive]

Nov 16, 2021 Awarded LITE Grant to work on “Developing Curriculum and Guidelines for A New Approach of Teaching and Learning Programming with Comics”
Nov 6, 2021 My demo “CodeToon: A New Visual Programming Environment Using Comics for Teaching and Learning Programming” is accepted and will be presented at SIGCSE 2022
Apr 22, 2021 Excited to present recent Coding Strip projects at UWTL 2021!
Mar 17, 2021 Presenting paper and CodingToon at SIGCSE 2021!

selected publications [full list]

  1. NIPS
    Re-VACNN: Steering Convolutional Neural Network via Real-time Visual Analytics
    Chung, Sunghyo, Park, Cheonbok, Suh, Sangho, Kang, Kyeongpil, Choo, Jaegul, and Kwon, Bum Chul
    In Future of interactive learning machines workshop at the 30th annual conference on neural information processing systems (NIPS) 2016
  2. ICDM Best Student
    Paper Award
    L-EnsNMF: Boosted Local Topic Discovery via Ensemble of Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
    Suh, Sangho, Choo, Jaegul, Lee, Joonseok, and Reddy, Chandan K
    In 2016 IEEE 16th International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM) 2016
  3. CHI
    Curiosity Notebook: A Platform for Learning by Teaching Conversational Agents
    Law, Edith, Baghaei Ravari, Parastoo, Chhibber, Nalin, Kulic, Dana, Lin, Stephanie, Pantasdo, Kevin D, Ceha, Jessy, Suh, Sangho, and Dillen, Nicole
    In Extended Abstracts of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2020
  4. IDC
    How Do We Design for Concreteness Fading? Survey, General Framework, and Design Dimensions
    Suh, Sangho, Lee, Martinet, and Law, Edith
    In Proceedings of the Interaction Design and Children Conference (IDC) 2020
  5. VL/HCC
    Coding Strip: A Pedagogical Tool for Teaching and Learning Programming Concepts through Comics
    Suh, Sangho, Lee, Martinet, Xia, Gracie, and Law, Edith
    In IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC) 2020